Road to Langley

Ever since I started with box (short for boxlacrosse/indoor lacrosse) four years ago I wanted to represent my country in a big, international tournament. For the last two years, I have been working twice as hard to make it into the Dutch national box lacrosse team and now I have made it into this team:). From 19-28 September the indoor lacrosse world cup is held in Langley, Canada, and I will represent the Netherlands! All my hard work has paid off but that was only the beginning… I will need to work even harder now. This is the highest playable level, which means the competition is fierce.

There is also another obstacle… I need to cough up all the costs and until I have found a tree that grows money I can use your help. You can help me in different ways. Support me with some pre-practice coffee or post-practice chocolate milk for faster recovery (and it is delicious) or with a Chinese meal (team tradition for after practice). Or motivate me by investing in a practice day, a tournament, a new orange helmet or even part of the plane ticket!

One other way of getting the Dutch team to the finals in Langley is by sponsoring each time I do a wallball session (Wallball?). You can do this through this link: There, fill in your name and email and amount you want to sponsor (

Donate through PayPal

You can donate a random amount through PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal you can contact me personally and we can try something else.